There’s over eating over thinking but what about over breathing?

Yep we all need to go on diets but I definitely at times could cut out the chocolate and and give my busy mind a break but what about breathing. Is it possible ‘over breathe?’ . Can you have too much ‘air?

The short answer is Yes. We feel a bit uptight… what will we be told? Take a big breath and relax. We feel tired and bored what do we do? We sigh ..we yawn. We have a little too much wine in the evening.. our sleep is affected may be we snore! Got a sniffle a wheeze or a cough chances are we are taking in some extra air, and not through the part of out body which nature ordained.. our snoz. No chances are out mouths are open . Does all our sighing and yawning actually make us feel better?? No it doesn’t.

I have just returned from Ireland where I participated in some marvellous training and it was all about going on an air diet.The paradox is the more we breathe the less oxygen is actually available in our system to power our amazing bodies through the myriad of actions it needs to take every day. We need to breathe “lightly” and actually conserve what we normally view as waste product , carbon dioxide because it is in the presence of this misunderstood gas that oxygen is taken up in our systems.

The next time you see a small baby sleeping ( a beautiful thing) observe their tummy observe their mouths…

I would like to tell you more ( don’t worry I will) but for now I would like to leave you with the question

When not eating or talking is my mouth closed?

Myself with my very inspirational Buteyko breathing teacher Patrick McKeown in Ireland in January
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