About Jenny

Jen is definitely on the right side of 60. Like you she has a lifetime of experience behind her and has had her share of difficulties and challenges. She was for many years a single parent of three fine lads, now beautiful grown men on their own paths, has with her siblings, and spent many years of hugely supporting elderly parents. She also, some years back now, experienced a stint of major depression and has dealt with the various physical challenges that result from chronic pain. She has certainly learned from all these experiences, which give her great tools to help others.

Jen  these days is a Psychotherapist who has worked in the well being field for over thirty years. Initially  trained as a teacher she and later qualified and worked in private practice as Naturopath, Herbalist and Therapeutic Massage practitioner.

While highly valuing these modalities she became convinced over the years that the managing and harnessing of the creative  mind which includes relegating the ‘monkey’ mind to a very back ground role was the single most essential skill associated with a good life .

Jen proceeded to spend many years training  in different psychotherapeutic methods, and acquiring hard one qualifications in  Gestalt therapy and Psychodrama.

She has  a firm belief that ‘overthinking’  is a ‘health hazard’ ! It has been estimated that we have over sixty thousand thoughts each day and at least 95% of these thoughts are repetitive and useless.She is committed to supporting her clients  to come back to themselves, confident they have the skills , functional roles system and solidness in themselves necessary to successfully navigate their lives on their terms, no longer be at the mercy of unhelpful belief systems and excessive negative thought.

As well as using her skills as a Psychotherapist, she  leans into other problem solving belief systems like Faster EFT and Ho’oponopono and Meditation.

Jens most recent qualification is as  Buteyko Breathing educator. She firmly believes this is an invaluable resource to all people, but most particularly folk  who have respiratory anxiety and stress, depression, sleep, circulatory and immune issues. Functional breathing (as we were born to breathe, check out a baby sleeping peacefully) is such a  brilliantly practical aid to well being that once clients integrate it into their lives has enormous positive ramifications around health and well being. It should be mainstream and is perhaps the missing link when it comes to much of the mental and physical ill health in our society today.

Academic Qualifications
Diploma in the Buteyko Breathing Method 2019
Psychodramatist. AANZPA 2014
Grad Dip of Gestalt Therapy. Illawarra Gestalt centre 2007
Post Grad Dip of Phytotherapy. Southern Cross Herbal School 1997
Dip of Naturopathy. College of Somatic Studies 1995
Grad Dip Teaching. NBCAE, 1976
BA. University Of Queensland


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