Jenny Barnett

Phone: 0403075052


We are in unprecedented times . So challenging to wake feeling optimistic at present with the coronavirus impacting on and dominating every person on the planets every action and behaviour. Massive unemployment, financial black holes , isolation and unimaginable stress and distress as we all grapple with getting on board with new realities.

Life is in normal times an up and down affair. Problems are part of our human existence. And the usual gamut is still there though not getting much attention. Babies are being born, children need educating, bills need paying , various folk have special needs which need attending to, and the dying need sending off. We non of us have a lot of power in the world at the present time except in doing all we can to manage and minimise the spread of the virus.

However it’s important we do what we can to manage our internal worlds as well and there we do have some power. Being steady in spirit is not a small thing at present and managing our catastrophising monkey minds crucial. Definitely when beset by life’s difficulties our mind is not always our friend . Self compassion and compassion for others can be in short supply as we are essentially put in survival mode.

Perhaps I can support you in that. Phone Skype Face Time and at present face to face options are also available.

Benefits of working with Jen:

Practical Knowledge to assist you support your health at all levels, physical mental emotional. For example, learning Buteyko Breathing skills is brilliant in this respect.

Confidence and calmness as you navigate your life moment by moment in these troubling times.

Compassion for yourself and others as you go about the challenging task of being a peaceful human being living in this crazy world .

Companionship for as long as it serves you on this path.

Jen is ¬†someone who is willing to walk beside you, sometimes holding your hand, more often assisting and encouraging you to hold your own as you deal with life’s dilemmas and decisions. She offers practical support and techniques around anxiety, stress, depression, sleep, grief, ¬†fatigue and generally the worrying mind. You will have the tools and inner resources you need to go forward in a good way. Jens commitment is to assist you to feel energised and confident in your ability to create a life which makes you feel both fully alive and at peace with yourself.

Jen is a fully trained psychotherapist . She has worked in both the mental and physical well-being arenas for over thirty years. Initially trained as a teacher she later retrained and worked for many years in private practice as a Naturopath and Herbalist . She was always interested in her clients worlds and how they were affected by their own particular circumstances and over a largish period of time added Gestalt and Psychodrama to her skill set. Jen is a qualified Buteyko Breathing Educator and is passionate about helping folk repair dysfunctional breathing patterns which so assists health at all levels. . She also leans into other problem solving belief systems like Faster EFT, Ho’Oponopono and Meditation.

Jen can give guidance on diet and exercise as well as work with and around the very human  difficulties which arise simply by being a creature of the 21st century, dealing with the many and varied relationship, work and health stresses which are part of our everyday existence. The Buteyko breathing method has direct application around many health conditions, including respiratory ( asthma , rhinitis hayfever), sleep issues (insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea ), anxiety, fatigue and high blood pressure.