Jenny Barnett



We are in unprecedented times. So challenging to wake feeling optimistic at present with climate change and coronavirus impacting on every person on the planet. Life is in normal times an up and down affair. Challenges are part of our very human existence. Babies are being born, children need educating, bills need paying, various folk have special needs which need attending to, and the dying need sending off. Understandable to feel helpless in the face of the huge issues our planet earth is dealing with and important to remind ourselves what we do have power to impact on. This would be ourselves and own personal universe of friends and family. Here there is much we can do to bring a sense of hope and empowerment.

Being steady in spirit is not a small thing at present and managing our catastrophising monkey minds crucial. Definitely when beset by life’s difficulties our mind is not always our friend . Self compassion and compassion for others can be in short supply as we are essentially put in survival mode.

I am a fully trained Psychotherapist and Buteyko Breathing Educator. My experience is that learning to breathe calmly and lightly (as healthy babies breathe) assists us to manage any other difficulty we may be struggling with. I have worked in both the mental and physical well-being arenas for over thirty years. While I initially worked as a teacher I later retrained and for many years worked in private practice as a Naturopath and Herbalist. Over the years I added Counselling and Psychotherapy ( Gestalt and Psychodrama) to my skill set. More recently I qualified in Ireland with the world’s foremost Buteyko trainer Patrick Mckeown as a Buteyko Breathing Educator. I am passionate about helping folk repair dysfunctional breathing patterns which so assists health at all levels.The Buteyko Breathing method has direct application around all health conditions, including asthma, emphysema, COPD, hayfever, insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, fatigue and high blood pressure.

I am  someone who is willing to walk with you as you grapple with your particular dilemma or health issue. I draw on all my training and life experiences and offer practical support and techniques around anxiety, stress, depression, sleep, grief, fatigue and generally the worrying mind. You will have the tools and inner resources you need to go forward in a good way. My commitment is to assist you to feel energised and confident in your ability to create a life which makes you feel both fully alive and at peace with yourself.