Last night I ran my first buteyko breathing group from my home in Watson Canberra. Typically, after days or I should say,weeks of preparation I lost my notes five minutes before the first person rang my doorbell! There I was absolutely prepared, my place was tidier than it had been in weeks, I was dressed to go with skirt and lipstick. Typically my clients are shepherded to my office and tidiness in my living space is ‘optional’. While I always dressed with care when in work mode I had made a little extra effort for this, my first group. Challengelly for me, the number of people coming and the need for room meant the folk coming were being welcomed into my inner sanctum. I care a lot about my environment but having said that I am not naturally a tidy person. It was immaculate. How could I lose my notes I ask myself. People who know me well are not surprised.

The doorbell went. I took a calming breath . Yes through my nose of course! After all I was about to run a session on breathing .

It wasn’t a new group member, it was a friend come to drop something off. Quick I said, I have lost my notes. She didn’t need more explanation and immediately started looking under chairs and shifting cushions.

While she was doing that I realised I was out of time. I kept my attention on my breath, breathing lightly and had a little chat with myself.

its ok, I know what I am going to say, I am well prepared, I care about what I am going to try to impart to these people I will be fine’

My friend left with a hug and shortly my group started to arrive.

In a short amount of time they were all here. There was some form filling to be done and while they were attending to those details I deliberately relaxed and took in the new arrivals and our space . I appreciated what I had set up,the bottlebrush arranged in my Cadaques vase, the books and materials organised, the little white board that I had nearly wrecked as soon as I got it by using a permanent marker, and what is that on the floor beside it? Oh,my notes. What a miracle!

The evening went really well. Slightly over time but that’s ok. I hardly looked at my notes . I didn’t need them as it turned out.

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